Relaunching & Where we've been

A shorter post today, just to update you all on what's been going on since the last post So as you may have noticed we were offline for a short while, and then when we came back online, we have since been rather quiet. To explain our break, after our initial launch, we encountered plenty of unfortunate back end issues, from quality control to server stability. In the month we had off, we’ve worked on back end issues and are confident that they’ve been resolved. We’ve also since sourced new suppliers, new stock, and also new features to come soon!  More on that later, but for now we have a few upcoming events and plans that we’re excited to share...

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Hi again! Today I wanted to talk to you about the history around exchanging wedding rings, and where better to start that the very beginning! The first recorded evidence of this custom dates back to Ancient Egypt around 3000 years ago, with couples presenting one another with braided reed or hemp rings. Now and then, the rings symbolized the undying commitment and eternal love between the couple as the circle has no beginning or end. The one issue you may have noticed is that reed and hemp aren’t particularly permanent. Sure enough, Ancient Egyptians slowly moved onto other materials as bone and ivory, with the more expensive materials symbolizing the more love being shown… sound familiar? Taking a step closer...

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Hi There! First of all I just wanted to say welcome to the first ever TLJ blog!  I’ve so much to talk about and I’m just so excited to be able to start sharing them with you, focusing mainly on fashion and style but every now and again there’ll be something a little out there. In some ways this is kind of a look into my own personal headspace, so yeah, keep an eye out every Monday at 6, as there’ll be a little something waiting for you :) Now that’s out of the way, a little about this business and blog. The Little Jewelers is run top to bottom by me, and although the store isn’t live yet, I...

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