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Today I wanted to talk to you about the history around exchanging wedding rings, and where better to start that the very beginning!

The first recorded evidence of this custom dates back to Ancient Egypt around 3000 years ago, with couples presenting one another with braided reed or hemp rings. Now and then, the rings symbolized the undying commitment and eternal love between the couple as the circle has no beginning or end. The one issue you may have noticed is that reed and hemp aren’t particularly permanent. Sure enough, Ancient Egyptians slowly moved onto other materials as bone and ivory, with the more expensive materials symbolizing the more love being shown… sound familiar?

Taking a step closer to the rings of today, the first time metal was used is in Ancient Rome, when the groom would present his bride with a metal ring. Leading on from the Egyptians, the Romans believed that the durability of metal was symbolic of the permanence and strength of their bond. Generally these rings were made of Iron, however it was not uncommon for the wealthy to sport Gold and Silver rings. It is also the Romans who started the tradition of the ring being placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. It was believed that this finger had a special vein - vena amoris - that was linked directly to the heart. 

The modern wedding ring is incomplete without the addition of diamonds, however prior to De Beers’ “Diamond is Forever” advertising campaign, all kinds of stones were used in Wedding Rings, as a matter of fact in the 1930s Diamond sales were at an all time low, until 1938 where Frances Geraty proposed the aforementioned slogan - which is still used today might I add - which led to roughly 80% of brides in the USA receiving a diamond ring, making the De Beers campaign the most successful piece of marketing of all time.

That leaves us to today, with Diamond rings still the most popular ring for couples, it really does feel as though Diamonds are forever

Just a quick update on the storefront, I am still working hard to get the store running again, and while we’re down I’m also working on improving little things here and there. Faster shipping is the big one so far, but I’m also looking to bring in a diamond collection as well! So watch this space prospective couples!!

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